External Data association to dropdown list

Hi Support Team,

I am trying to assign a list of objects, which I receive from an API call, to a dropdown list.
This list with objects has the following structure:
“SalesOrder”: “1000”,
“SalesOrganization”: “1”

“SalesOrder”: “1001”,
“SalesOrganization”: “1”
… (a couple more object attributes)
… (a couple more objects in the list)

I am trying to generate the list for the dropdown field with the key “SalesOrder”.
My approach so far:

  • I created a list of object in the page variables

  • Then I connected a “set page variable” logic block

  • Within the block I assigned the page Variable SalesOrders and assigned a formula to the value.


  • My formula looks like that:

  • Then I bounded to the dropdown field the Option List with a formula

The only list entry I see in the dropdown field in my app is “No selection”.
What did I miss in my steps?

Great Q. Hope this is solved!