External links to load a page from an AppGyver app (aka deep linking)

Thanks for sharing thia.

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but just wanted to test it on a build, but that does not work.

maybe because the url scheme is not getting saved in the build configuration?

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From what I saw, in my build it correctly opens the app if I use the scheme saved in configuration, seems we have opposite problems!

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thanks for the information. Do you need to add the url scheme everytime? because when I enter something in it and return to the page it is empty again.

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How did you configure the URL scheme? I need to know … examples please


Yes, what are we supposed to enter for the url scheme, because no url I enter seems to work???

Hi there, is this feachure possible in webapp, because even though i dont know how to do this step,

when i use a url other than the default to open the app i get this page,

do you know how to fix it?

URL scheme is for mobile. It’s functionally the same as defining the url for the web app. Are you using auth?

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Yes i use Auth, But there any solution for webapps ? because the above image is from my webapp
and in the configuration for web it says “Web bundle scheme configured automatically”

Ah actually the XML error issue should be solved in 4.0.1 as replied in this other thread, so hopefully that’ll solve these issues for you as well.


Ohh perfect didnt know about that, Thanx!

where do you define asd ? In page params?

yeah, in the example above, asd is the page parameter

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Hope this helps.

Hello did you get an answer to your Question?

Hello Mevi… I’m still stuck with this deap url stuff… I can’t get it to work. I just want to be able to give the opportunity to the user to invite new people to join the app trough a link were. Do you think you can help :)?

Me to I have still been unable to get an answer to this question. Even the ability to a have a link from a story sharable so that it opens to the correct page would be nice.

Hmm. I’m looking into this :thinking:

EDIT: some of the issue is that the url gets .html added to it. Removing this in the link to the page should remove the XML file error, so please try that in the meanwhile. We’re looking into this further.


how did you use this formula? what flow function do you place after the event “app brought to foreground via url?”

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how did you test this? how to you make the link, as in what it the for ot structure?