Extra BACK and HOME button on a page

I’m working on a language app. One of the pages has an extra Back and Home button (in red circle and arrow) on my android phone. Those two pages were built the same way and I’m not sure how I can remove the extra BACK and Home button.
Correct page

page with extra buttons

Welcome to the community hormoz_R

Go to Navigation, select the Enabled function on both Navigation header bar and Navigation menu and set the Enabled? to No. Problem solved
Site note, the appgyver preview app may crash from time to time because of this

Thanks Michel. that removed the extra buttons. but, caused issue navigating between the main page and other pages. I found out that through the “main page” if I change the Visible value form False to True (see the image below) for each page that solves the issue.
all set now. thanks again for the quick response.


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You welcome hormoz_R
But where is this main page or panel you show on the image, I can’t identify where that is. I usually just remove the name of the page I created and just work with its ID. I would like to know how you made it work