Extra page on top of navigation stack after Dismiss Initial View

Our navigation includes these pages:

  • My Plans
  • Activities
  • My Schedules
  • My Groups
  • My Account


  1. User opens the app and it goes to My Plans (correct).
  2. User navigates to My Groups.
  3. User leaves the app.
  4. User returns later and logs in again.
  5. Nav bar shows user is on My Groups, but they’re seeing the My Plans view and have to hit “back” on their phone navigation to get to the My Groups view.

I’ve tried adjusting where we put the Dismiss Initial View node, but I can’t come up with a configuration where it doesn’t place the extra Plans view at the top of the stack when the user comes back.

Any solution for this?

App #98690
New users start on Home, then go to Login, then after sign in they encounter this.

Does this happen on the Preview app or in a standalone build too? And mobile only or web too? Is the app killed in the meantime or just returned back to the login screen? The wrong navbar vs. view content seems like a potential bug, we’ll have to investigate – thanks for the report!

  1. I’ve noticed it within the Preview app for sure. I tried duplicating it in the standalone yesterday and wasn’t able to.

  2. Mobile only. We don’t have a web app yet.

  3. This happens most often (and perhaps exclusively–I wasn’t paying enough attention before) when we’ve saved a change in Composer and the app refreshes itself. So the app doesn’t get killed; it just returns to the login screen then goes back to the leaving-off-point except with My Plans overlaid.

  4. To clarify, I believe the nav bar is correct because when I hit back, it reveals that the leaving-off-point is at the bottom of that navigation stack. It’s just that it weirdly put the My Plans view on top.

I’ll pay closer attention today and will report back with any other characteristics. Thanks for being so responsive!

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Just FYI, I haven’t noticed any characteristics of this aside from the ones already mentioned.


Not sure if you’re still experiencing this, but as your app is quite complex and has quite a lot of logic, it’s difficult to find what exactly is going on. I tried opening your app, but I don’t have an user, and as such can’t use the app directly :thinking:

I would start by trying to find any places in page mounted/focused logic on pages that are either the initial view or in the tab bar that have logic that would open a page, if that could be the issue.

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@Mevi, I am still wrestling with this one and have a more specific description of what’s happening.

  1. I’m in the app on (for example) the Groups tab.
  2. I close the app.
  3. I re-open the app. Initial view is dismissed, and my logic directs me to a specific page (which happens to not be Groups) based on my user attributes (usually the Plans tab).
  4. But the app seems to remember that I was on Groups last, so it opens groups, then opens the Plans page on top of the Groups page.

Is there a way to keep the app from remembering the last page the user was on so that my logic has full control?

Oh okay, this sounds interesting. Was this on the preview app or standalone? What version are you using (for preview app and/or standalone)? I think the beta version of the preview app (2.X.X) tries to open the specific page you were at, but this is something that happens in development only and should not happen in standalone. If this is occurring somewhere else, I’ll look into reproducing this, if not, I’ll file a request for a setting to disable/enable this :slight_smile:

@Mevi I’m seeing it the most in the preview app because I’m constantly in and out of that. I don’t use the stand alone app the same way, so I’m not sure how often it’s happening there, though I know that I have seen it.

Preview app is version 1.9.20 (Android), though in checking on that I see that there’s an update available. I’ll update that now.

I will work with this some more and let you know whether I think we need the disable/enable feature. Ball’s in my court.


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