Extract "Name" from Json http request return

I’m trying from the morning to extract the value of “Name” from an http request return but i couldn’t make it,
there is a previous example in the forum but i could’t understand it !!

anyone with a simple clear method guys


outputs[HTTP request].resBodyParsed.Name & set it to a page variable once your HTTP request runs. Connect it to the first node.

i did it but its not working !!!
Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 10.11.39 PM|690x240
Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 10.11.24 PM|690x240

@Bilel_Tlili , I got the same issue, may I know are you able to fix your issue?

It depends what the HTTP request spills out. If the output is just an object (starts and ends with { }) you can follow this thread Mapping objects into page variable - #5 by Edvin_Rushitaj
If it is a list, it is easier to just set up the rest api via Data configurator and setting up the schema from there.

Thank you @Edvin_Rushitaj , it works very well for me.

I also tried the below and it works fine for me.

outputs[“HTTP request”].resBodyParsed[“contact”]+“”

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