Failed to evaluate an expression


I get the following issue with evaluating an expression in the console:

Failed to evaluate an expression ‘IS_NULLY(LOOKUP(LOOKUP(LOOKUP(data,“tmpSpot2”),“image1”),“localFilePath”))||IS_EQUAL(LENGTH(LOOKUP(LOOKUP(LOOKUP(data,“tmpSpot2”),“image1”),“localFilePath”)),0)’: You may not call store.getState() while the reducer is executing. The reducer has already received the state as an argument. Pass it down from the top reducer instead of reading it from the store.

Any idea what this means?

Hmm. This error has nothing to do with the formula itself (they were called expressions before they were called formulas, and this “expression” lives on in the runtime error messages).

If you have a Redux developer tool or similar installed, it may be caused by that (see here).

Otherwise, it may be stemming from somewhere deep inside our code, although was under the impression we did not use Redux :thinking: Not sure though as I don’t work with that part of our codebase, but I can ask around more if you like, if you didn’t have any dev tools installed in your browser :slight_smile:

Nope, I am not using any developer tools. It happened with debugging in the Preview App - connected to the web debugger.

Hi @Mevi ,

I am getting many of these errors too, any idea why? I dont get the error when using debugger in Appgyver Legend.

I am also not using a Redux developer tool.