Failed to fetch data after dismiss initial view


The app was working fine in AppGyver preview. However, when build for Android using both 2.8.33 and 2.8.31 runtime, the data that is supposed to be fetched and recorded as a variable did not do so for the first page after initial view has been dismissed

Weirdly enough, if i go to another page, and return almost immediately to the first page, everything begins to work perfectly.

I believe this only begins to happen after the update on friday

Please have a look at it. I think the runtime is not compatible with the latest update on the component

Thabk you

Anyone from AppGyver, please reply. My App id is 188030

The past few days I fixed it by making the page open itself once again after the first time that it loads.

Then yesterday after a forced update (I didn’t update but it today my composer automatically updated), even the previous solution does not work anymore!

This is so depressing…