Failed to get size for image error for Recycler view list

After a while of usage, I am getting “Failed to get size for image” error for the images in the Recycler view list. Any idea why?

Hi! We aren’t familiar with this issue – could you provide some screenshots/context of your setup? Where are you loading the images from? Are they of varying sizes?

Hi, I load them from my database at Yes they are in different sizes. At start there is no problem when I continue to use recycler view, it gets slower and I see that message at debugger. I added screenshot of debugger.


Hi! I haven’t had the time to make a reproduction for this yet, sorry, but I’m happy to inform you that in 2.5.X (not out yet) we will have a new, improved version of Recycler view which should fix a lot of the previous issues, hopefully this one as well. As such, please wait for the 2.5.X to be released and once it is, let us know if this problem still reappears.

Ok. Thanks a lot for your reply.