Failed to Save application data

I’ve added an Airtable data source following the description here ( and it works (in the sense that it successfully builds a schema) - I can even follow the rest of the REST tutorial and make a list that shows the right sort of data, the only issue is I can’t save. I’ve added keys to the properties where they weren’t filled it automatically, but other than that I can’t see any issues. this is a showstopper for me…

I’ve just started using AppGyver so this might be total user error… But I’d love to know what I’m doing wrong…


Could it be you’re facing this issue?

This is fixed and will be included in the next release, due out likely early next week – in the meantime, check the workarounds in the ticket above.

I don’t think so. It happens before I have any variables or interface elements of any kind.

I opened a brand new app, linked the air table database per the instructions and then it failed to save. I then tried to keep going (because to my surprise the data source was available to use) in the hope that the error would clear but it didn’t.

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Alright, let’s debug further – if you open the Network tab in the web inspector and click save, can you get the payload that is being sent to the server in the erroring request? What’s the app ID so we can look at our logs for this?

Because it’s the very first thing I’m doing on this app - there is nothing to show - I’ll build it again this morning and see what happens - Once I’ve done that - I’ll send you the information you request.

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Ok - the AP ID is 197837. I’ve saved at every step of adding the airtable API connection - and it saves well up to the point of build schema from the data. It sucessfully builds a schema - but it doesn’t then want to save…

I feel very stupid but I’ve no idea how to access the web inspector - is it part of appgyver or part of safari?

Let me know what to do now…

I think it’s to do with my Airtable database itself - I’m not sure why - but a different Airtable base works fine…

So, in the end, maybe it would be helpful for the not saving alert to give more information?

Very weird – definitely must be something in the specific config that causes the issue. If you can send us the data that you’re inputting (to if there’s sensitive stuff like project IDs), we could try to reproduce the error on our end.

To open the Web Inspector on Safari:

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I’ve trashed the Airtable base and built another one and it works fine!!! I think it’s all about how Airtable imports CSVs with strange characters from a Mac!!! - All sorted now anyway.

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Good to hear! The JSON patch fix is going live next week, so if you get some solid repro steps on the “Failed to save application data” issue, especially after the next release – we really want to hunt these down.

I am getting failed to save application data error… can you help?

Hi Jay - I’m afraid I’m no expert at all - so probably best to post a question with a bit more detail in the main forum.

Thank you for your response. I rolled back my code and the problem is resolved for now. Thanks.