Failing to Connect to Debugger

I’m having the an issue connecting to the debugger. Using the app and the web preview doesn’t make a difference - neither can reliably connect to the debugger and sometimes get booted out during a test…

Any guidance gratefully received.

And just to add to this - I’m having lots of Failed to save application data issues as well…

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Yeah - seems like the system is having problems right now, although Status says everything is fine. I’m continually getting this at

Seems to be something going on; opened an incident on Pages load fine for me here in Finland, but we’ll continue the investigation.

I’ve had a build fail and all sorts of weirdness - rather freaking me out because I have to have my app up by Saturday!

The issues seem to be over now, moved the issue to monitoring as we work to uncover the root cause. Please let us know if you experience any more problems.

Seems to be fine this morning! Cheers

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Things seems to have got slow again… Another “Internal Error” - any idea what’s going on?

Seems to still be isolated incidents – looks back to normal now. The root cause is a bit tricky to pin down, but making progress.

I am using macOS APP to preview and can’t establish the debugger connection at all. I am new to appgyver and hope I am not missing something.