Favicon and Page Title in Web Build

Checking if this is a bug or a design feature.

In my web builds the favicon is not being included - its just the appgyver one.

All page titles are Appgyver. Surely they should be my app name?

When I get a stable release I know I can edit the html … but its a bit of a chore.

Should I report this as a bug?


This bug seems to already be reported in the tracker and planned for a fix :slight_smile:

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If you’re downloading the files and deploying them to your own server, you can swap out the file called favicon and edit one line in a few of the different JavaScript files. This will change the icon and the page title.


Yeah, I have been doing that, but its just an extra task that shouldn’t be required. I think you need to edit the page title field on each of the html pages though, so for me it’s 15 page edits.

I need to find a batch replace program, I know I used to have one.

Thanks for the comment.

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It changed the page titles, but not the favicon…

You need to replace the file named “favicon” with an image file of your choice that you name identically to the one generated by AppGyver.