Favicon not working + how to change page title?

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I am trying to build for web and the favicon is not working. I tried both .png and .ico images but after the build I still see the default appgyver icon.

Also, is there a way to edit the page titles as they appear in the browser’s tab bar?




Page titles in the browser’s tab bar is something we’re seeking to fix, but the fix isn’t coming quite yet. However, when you’ve built your final build, you can search and replace these in the HTML to whatever you prefer. As for the favicon, that one should work (as png) :thinking: are you still experiencing this?

Download the Zip, extract all files, and then open the HTML file in Visual Studio Code, or Atom. In the header, you can change the title manually.

Another way to change Favicon is to convert png to ico, name it Favicon, and replace the favicon.ico file you see in the zip with your Favicon.ico file.



(I used the sublime text editor for this tutorial) → Download - Sublime Text

Rename the following lines in these files:


< title >AppGyver< /title > to < title >YourAppName< /title >

In these files:

All → /yourappfolder/ index.html
All → /yourappfolder/page.PageX/ index.html
All → /yourappfolder/m-page.PageX/ index.html
/yourappfolder/404/ index.html


(“title”,null,“AppGyver”) to (“title”,null,“YourAppName”)

In this file:



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for me it looks like this does not work anymore. Do you have the same experience?

All of these things done, and its not working. It initially names the page correctly then as the page load progresses it changes back to AppGyver … I´ve done a full search in all files on my web build and the offending code isn´t there.

I suspect we are now loading something from the Appgyver site that is causing this issue. The below code seems to be related, but I don´t know enough js to work out what its doing.

I really don´t like that my standalone web build has links back to Appgyver web resources either.

{e.exports=JSON.parse(’{"$id":“https://github.com//schemas/blob/master/meta.json”,“title”:“AppGyver schema meta-schema”

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Ah so the workaround doesn’t work anymore :grimacing: I raised this ticket to a higher priority. Thanks for reporting!

Thanks. Are you able to explain what the code I have highlighted does? Its in the standalone webapp build, so I had hoped that it would not need to call on any external resources.

Not my expertise but I asked about it – in the snippet you pasted the url is not used as a url, but as an id for the object that is being parsed.

A generic example of this is how e.g. xml schemas link to what type of a schema they are XML Schema Example

Let me know if there’s another example you’re concerned about and I’ll ask about it as well.


Make sure to change the following using Sublime and search for null,“AppGyver” as one word.
The file is very big and it is hard to find it another way.
I did it and it worked for me.

(“title”,null,“AppGyver”) to (“title”,null,“YourAppName”)

In this file: