Feasibility of building an app on appgyver

I’m trying to build an MVP for an app and would like to understand the feasibility of building it on appgyver. The core functionality would be:

  • a calendar with a weekly view and the ability to schedule events

  • a note-taking section where you can write save edit and search for notes

  • the whole app should be shareable with another user, ie 2 people would see the same calendar, notes etc


short answer: yes this is feasible.

Creating events, notes, and sharing visibility is quite easy to accomplish. The trickiest part would be creating the calendar with a weekly view. This has been done so it’s not impossible, and this tutorial would give some insight on how to approach it. Additionally, I would look into external databases that can be connected to the app via a REST API, since the AG Cloud Storage is fairly simple and might not be suitable for this task. There’s a lot of forum topics about what databases work well and easily with AppGyver :slight_smile: hope this helps!

Hey Cecilia,

Thanks for getting back to me, great to hear this is possible. I have been trying to use appgyver and have learnt it to some degree, it’s not easy. When I get stuck is there any tech support, developer community or equivalent that could help answer questions (ideally with a quick turnaround time)? I’m happy to pay for this support.

The only support we offer at the moment is this forum, unfortunately. I recommend searching this forum for old threads if you are facing some issues, most likely others have too :slight_smile: Also, browsing our documentation and academy material might help in some cases.

Did you manage to find a way forward? I am looking for a similar solution.