Feature Request: Add "solved" flag to community forums

I’m only posting here because canny isn’t allowing me to post this to the feature request page

Currently, when trying to be helpful in the community forums, it’s difficult to know which questions require help without reading each one.

If there was some sort of flag that was visible from the forums list view, to let others know that the question is considered answered, that would be extremely helpful.

Perhaps the flag could be toggled by the original poster or a graduated community user.

Stretch goal would be to flag the actual comment that provided the answer but I think that is less important as a first pass at this.


Hi Lance, thanks for your suggestion, we love the idea! I’ll look into how we could implement this on the forums. :blush:

Edit: The “solved” functionality is now available by picking the comment that solved the issue. Thanks again for the idea and your contribution to the forums!

Brilliant and quick work! Thank you Team AppGyver