Feature Request - Bare minimum Project Management

Appgyver is a dream tool with cool features but it lacks the bare minimum capability to manage a serious software project. Especially the following:

  1. Options to connect different backend versions (e g. Firebase projects) of the same app for dev-test-prod
  2. User control over backup and restore

The above 2 features would lock me and many other for life into the platform.


I would add some sort of version control to this, too.

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The app cloning has solved the problem of setting up separate dev and test environment. All we need to do is clone an app and connect it to another data source.

It can also be used for backing up important development milestones.


Yes, but we really ought to be able to do the clones ourselves. I´d like to keep a version in sync with any app store builds and then have a dev version plus a “trying things out” version.