Feature Request: Custom blocking dialogue

Hi, would it be possible in future to implement the possibility to show a custom blocking dialogue or sth. similar? E.g. with an image and some text and maybe input in it. With variable location / sorting inside it.
E.g. Like this:

Hi! Definitely available with third party plugins, but you can also submit a feature request!

Hi, Unfortunately I’m still not able to login to tracker.appgyver. I’m still getting an error if I try to login there. But if 3rd party plugins support is also great. :grinning:
Any ideas when this support will be launched?

We’re still working on stabilizing 2.X runtime, but 3rd party plugin support is the next big thing we will work on after we get 2.X to where we want it to be. At the moment I’m hoping we have 3rd party plugin support during Q1/21.

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