[Feature Request] Detect when back button is pressed (on android)

Hi @Harri_Sarsa, will it be possible to an event to detect when the back button on an android device is clicked?
The use is that there are several times when on a page and the user presses the back button I want to perform so action instead of the default behaviour of going back.
For example when on the app home screen, clicking the back button exists the app. I will want to detect this event an show a confirmation popup to the user if they really want to quit the app.
Another use case is that if the app is performing an operation that you don’t want the user to quit the page until it is done, for example payment processing, we can detect when the press the back button and show them a message that leaving the page may cause the operation to terminate prematurely.



Would probably need this feature in the future too.

I think there’s no way to detect that currently. Here’s a related feature request in our tracker. Cannot promise a timetable for this, though I know that we’ll first have a major upgrade to the client runtime at some point.