[FEATURE REQUEST] Hide vertical / horizontal scrollbar of scrollview

@Harri_Sarsa - It will be great if composer can expose the option to hide the horizontal and vertical scroll bars of the scrollview component.


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Definitely! Can you post this to https://tracker.appgyver.com though, as that’s where we officially track feature requests?

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Just realized you already have a feature request for this in the tracker about 2 months ago. Will be great if this can be implemented soon as I really need it.


Yup, we’ve been working on a huge runtime upgrade so these types of low-hanging-fruit but still new features have been on the back burner.

Will you make an announcement whenever this feature is released?

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adding a +1 on this feature, would be very useful to hide the scrollbar in both my horizontal and vertical menus.

+1 on this feature please

I also need this feature. Please update when this is implemented.

It has been implemented more than a month ago. Oh, and it has been announced somewhere, I am pretty sure about that. But I may underestimate this time. Check the properties of the scroll view component:

Képernyőfotó 2022-08-18 - 20.52.21

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Oh wow! You are right! Thank you for updating me on this. I thought it would be under styling but it looks like it’s on the properties tab.