Feature Request: Specify whether to treat Data Variable like Page Variable or App Variable

My app is pulling in data with 50+ variables in each object. I need to use this data on various pages, so I can approach it one of two ways:

  1. Create the same data variable on every page,
  2. Pull in the data and populate an app variable once that’s then accessible on every page.

Option #1 (data source) would save development time because the system automatically connects all the dots. But then I’d be making lots of extra calls and that makes it error prone.

Option #2 would be more stable in production, but with so many variables, configuring the data source then configuring the app variable then configuring the binding, adds up to a lot of work.

It would be slick if we could specify whether a data source should be treated as a page variable or an app variable (available on all pages). Best of both worlds.


Our preferred way is definitely #2, and we have drafted some plans on how we could make creating schemas easier in Composer (copying a schema from one variable to another), but those are still in the works :thinking:

In the meanwhile, the cheating way of doing this is just to create an app variable without a schema (List of Objects and then remove the id field). This adds up to complaints about schema not matching, and if you directly try to repeat a schemaless app/page variable the formulas/bindings inside will not realize a current exists and know its schema, but it’s sometimes less work than configuring the schema again and again.

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@Mevi just came across this thread when I tried to do option #2. Any progress on copying a schema from one variable to another?

None at the moment I’m afraid, as this feature as it was imagined before will not be implemented. The problem still remains however, so it’s likely we will tackle it at some point.