Feedback for the Tutorial-Video 4/5 "Creating Data"
at Minute 3:35 when Button “Save record” is pressed.
The input-field is not deleted, and the “keyboard” shows up again.

I think it woud be a good additional information, when it is eplaned:

  • how the entry field can be deleted after pressing “Save”
  • how the “keyboard” can be closed after pressing “Save”

Could this behavoiur be programmed as default by AppGyver?

Thank you.

Hi Johann, thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: For the purpose of clarity, things are kept quite simple in the onboarding videos.

You can use the “Unfocus input” flow function from the flow function market to achieve this behavior after the Save button has been clicked - that also dismisses the keyboard. The text input field has a onBlur event on the logic canvas, you can use “set internal property” flow function after that to set the input’s value to blank.