Fetched data not showing in my app preview

so i fetched data from the foodfact api. everything seems to work just fine, but when i preview on my device, it shows blank. i cant seem to figure out what or why that is happening. any help will be appreciated

i.e if i pull a product name from foodfact api, it gets the record, however if i preview it on my app, it shows blank.

Hi! I would suggest you:

  1. Use the State tab of the debugger to check if your data variable is really getting the right value
  2. If the debugger says that the data variable is populated correctly, then check that the bindings in your view components work as expected. These videos might be useful. :slight_smile:

i tried is, but its still not previewing

notice the title has dissapeared?
thats the issue i’m trying to resolve

Hi, what is the title component bound to? How is the data variable set up?