Few issues in my chat system

Currently I am doing chat system for my apps. I am not sure you guys can view the video clips or not. I am using scrollview, stretch to viewport and disable scrolling.

The issue that I am facing are:
1. My chat system does not auto scroll to the latest chat.
I am using scroll view and it does not has any function to auto scroll to recent chat. If I am using scroll to, my input text does not sticky while the user is scrolling.

2. Input text does not auto adjust for iphone.
As you can see in this video, the moment I start typing, the input field does not showed. But, if I am using android, the input text will show above the keyboard.

Please help me to solve these issues.


  1. Is known, it’s a lacking feature of ScrollView that is discussed here. TL;DR: at least when we have third party plugin support making a scroll to bottom ScrollView should be simple enough
  2. This one, on the other hand, should work :thinking: I tested it just now with 2.6.3 and iOS and had no trouble, are you still experiencing this?

Hi @Mevi

  1. Noted on this.

  2. There is still a bug after typing. The container does not placed properly after typing and dismissed keyboard. Supposely the tint is 100% width and height but in this video, then tint is only 85%. Please view the video in this post: Bug in login page