File Uploader Excel Sheet


I am interested in using AppGyver to build an idea I have, but first a question about it’s capability.

I’m looking to build an app where a user can import a xls file (excel) to my service where I would then take that data and display it in a dashboard. I would need to be able to allow the user to import their xls file, read the data from their xls file, and then map to UI elements on the screen. Possibly perform some calculations as well.

Is this possible in AppGyver?

One potential complication is the user generating these xls files could be doing so from multiple 3rd parties, meaning the XLS files could be in different formats. I would need to be able to have the user tell me what service they are using, and normalize that data before populating the UI.


~ Rob

What you can do is use the Download file/Pick file flow function to get the file into your app, Read file to convert it to string, and then the JavaScript function box to parse it – you’ll have to include the Excel parsing library code inline, see e.g.

This would be a prime candidate for a new plugin to streamline the parsing process though, so keep an eye out for

Hello Rob,

Building file upload functionality is very time consuming and iterative process to get it right. Instead how about you can get file upload functionality up and running within few hours instead of weeks and that too no template needed to upload a file. Feel free to tryout Try boomxl and see if it help you solve the challenges you are facing. Reach out to me if you have any questions. Thanks! CS