Filter Condition - with another List


I have two tables imported from Firebase (Conexões1 and Cadastro geral1).
In the Data variables part I’m trying to perform a Filter condition. I need to filter information from the Cadastro geral1 table. Use only the items in the ID Column, which are the same as the items in the Conect2 colum of the Conexões1 table.
I tried to do it by these 2 methods, but with no success:

Bound to : formula - INTERSECTION(data[“Cadastro geral1”][0].ID, data[“Conexões1”][0].Conect2)


Bound to : Object with properties

What’s the best way to go about doing this?
Many thanks.

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Alright, so if I understood correctly, you want to only get the items from TableA that have an id that matches any id in TableB?

You need a formula that constructs something like:
{type: "or", conditions: [{type: "equal", property: ["id"], value: ""}, {type: "equal", property: ["id"], value: ""}]}

So probably something like
{type: "or", conditions: MAP(data.TableB, {type: "equal", property: ["id"], value:})}

You’ll need to make some modifications, but something like that should work!