Filter data on Scrollable Thumbnail List

I am using Scrollable Thumbnail List binded to On-Device Storage.

¿How can I filter data on Search Bar value event occurs? I want to do something like SELECT(data.AnimalesIndexLocal, CONTAINS(, “textToFilter”))

It’s a related video.

Thanks for your answer. I’ve done that before.

How do you do it when the component doesn’t have “repeat as” property and has “List resource” property? For example in the component “Scrollable thumbnail list”

How can you access that “List resource” to be able to filter it?

Thanks in advance.


I checked and found that “Scrollable Thumbnail List” does not have the property “repeat as”.

Please refer to the video and add an image.

Or refer to another video.

Becoming a No-coder - Part 2 - AppGyver and Xano - YouTube

Thanks for your answer.

I already tried to do what you say and when the data set has 200 records or more (which is my case) loading and filtering become very very slow.

I’m sure the “List resource” of the “Scrollable thumbnail List” and other new components should be filterable. How to access it?

Thanks for your help.


You can make it yourself.

This is the scroll list that I made.

“Firebase” categorizes the data by category.
ex) Dogs and cats.

Use “SORT_BY_KEY” to separate the scroll list “repeat with”.

I referred to the YouTube video for the design.
SAP Build Apps (aka AppGyver) tutorial to Design a Pizza Restaurant App - Part II - YouTube