Filter function trouble (CONCAT formula)

I have an trouble on filter function.
I have been no problem on the function based on the advices in below.

But suddenly the filter doesn’t work after new Runtime issued.
I updated the flow but still not works.

The problem is that the “No selection” has disappeared even I set the CONCAT formula as below picture.

The default selected item is Category A (Not “No selection”) and data list (card type) shows all. And if Category B shows Category A items. Choosing C shows D. They are shifted one by one.

The “List items are incompatible” has a clue to solve it? But it worked on the old Runtime.

Could someone advise me? Thank you.

Unfortunately it seems the last update has caused some problems with the dropdown field component. We’re aware of the issues and are working to fix them.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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@Akseli_Virtanen I am also facing similar issues in the dropdown. Thanks for the clarification. However, I am also facing the issue in Name filter in the same Power-up: Power-up: Sorting and Filtering data - Composer

Toggling the visibility of list items (by binding the ‘Visible’ property of the Container containing the Repeated list) according to the search option: CONTAINS(LOWERCASE(, LOWERCASE(pageVars.nameFilter)) isn’t working:

The list doesn’t display if the ‘Visible’ property is set with the above formula. It works if set to the static value true.


Thank you for the feedback. Understand the situation and appreciate if you fix the problem soon.
Actually I’m facing the “ORDER” formula issue. In the same data list (card type), it originally could be changed order by page variable true or false but now doesn’t work. Look forward to your solving it also.
Thank you.

I’m having a similar issue with my filter. It’s not working in my mobile app. The “Clear filter” does not show on the mobile app as a filter option and if I scroll to choose a selection, it just forces me back to the top and will not filter. Oddly, it works in fullscreen on the web just fine. I noticed that it seems to have something to do with “” vs " ". Notice the difference. “” = no data, nada, zilch. " " = “blank space”. When I include a space between the quotations marks, then I can get the filter to show the “clear filter” option and the filter is operational in the mobile app. The problem is that when I choose “clear filter” it filters for the blank space instead of actually clearing the filter and giving me all results (which is what I want). When it filters for the blank space I get back no results, which is the opposite of what I want. So there is no way to reset (clear) the filter results without leaving the app and reloading it. Any updates on a fix?

Hi there!

It seems there is bit of an issue still with empty values in dropdowns. We’re investigating a fix!
Sorry for the inconvenience!

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