FIlter GET ALL records of one table based on GET ONE value of another table

I’ve got two separate databases, both have a property called “bmr_id” with type: number.

First, I would like to display a list from database1 where each “bmr_id” is different. (eg. bmr_id: 1, bmr_id: 2, bmr_id: 3)

Then when the person clicks on an item in the list, it will open a new page where there will be multiple records from database2 … but ONLY where the “bmr_id” is equal to the just clicked on “bmr_id”.

Is there a way to do this? What variables or parameters would I use? And where would I write the formula?


You can try with the formula:

SELECT(data, IS_IN_ARRAY(item.bmr-name, pageParams.bmr-name))