Filtering doesn't work with recycler view. Anyone else experiencing this?

I’ve tried everything to filter data in a list that’s in a recycler view but I can’t get it to work, it works perfectly fine in a scroll view and when not placed in a view.

Can someone please help

I have a working filtering working for recycler view where the recycler view repeats straight from data.MyDataResource and the filtering system filters the content of that data variable from appVars.MyDataResource, you could try something like that perhaps?

In general, recycler view is very optimized in regards to performance, so it tries to not do any “refreshes” of its data that are not necessary. You could also try fiddling around with its settings and see if one of them helps you without doing the structure I recommended above.

Thank you so much for the response, by:

Do you mean that I should make a page variable and an input field then have the input field linked to the page variable and in the visibility section, place the app variable there?

Hmm, I just tested a very quick setup for filtering in recyclerview, and it worked straight off the bat?


  • pageVariable query which is bound to a search bar field
  • pageVariable (could be app or data variable) with the data you’re repeating in the recycler view
  • SELECT(, IS_EMPTY(pageVars.query)||CONTAINS(,pageVars.query)) formula used for the repeat

Thanks a lot but For the “” what should I put, because there is no option for a currently repeating data items in the formula section. Am I doing something wrong?

Not sure why you’re not seeing :thinking: but since your variable is nested try to access the items array with LOOKUP, e.g. SELECT(LOOKUP(data.User_Input_Paging21, "items"), ...)

I’ sorry but its not allowing me to save the formula

:sweat_smile: the ... was just shorthand for whatever else you need to fill out there, it’s not copy paste ready. You need to put the CONTAINS part there where the ... is and compare the item.whateverpropertyyou'retryingtocompare with pageVars.query.

Thanks a lot for your help

Mevi, I think I know the disconnect. I left this topic alone since I continued working on my app to get further into the build and want to retouch this.

I sent Donnico a reply awhile ago that I thought worked but ended out finding out the issue.

If you test it with a tiny list it does filter and assume it works for everyone. If you test it with a large list it does not filter properly. I almost feel that alot of this may be because I’m using an On-Device list.