Filtering Dropdown based from another dropdown selection

I wanted to make an address selector using dropdown wherein there will be two dropdowns
Province and Municipalities.

For example the user will select their province in the first drop down and on the second dropdown the municipalities will filter its list according to the municipalities present to the province that is selected.

However I do not have an Idea on how to set this condition please help me.

THANKYOU in advance <3

How are you getting the data?

Here’s a tutorial I made. Hope it helps


Thank you very much! This is a lot of help! :heart:


Can I ask you again for help? Your video really helped me understand how the logic work. I am sorry for not mentioning that I am getting the data from a data base.

how do you set this condition given that the Province and the Municipalities are in a date base transferred to Appgyver?

What database are you using?

We’re using Xano right now



good afternoon I’m Brazilian and starting to use appgyver, congratulations for the video it helped me a lot, but I can’t, after making the selection in the second dropdown, pulling the data from the database, or from an API, into the imputfields, can you help me ?