Find contacts by name - How can I get this to work?

I installed the Find contacts by name component from the component market. However, I can not seem to get it to work. How do I input the name of the contact I am trying to find into the component? It seems really simple, but I guess I am overlooking something.

Can someone provide me a step-by-step howto, to make an input field to search through the device’s contacts?

Thanks a lot!

Hi! I’ll just give you the general outlook of how this flow function would be used.

First of all, I would create a page variable or something where to store the contacts. E.g. found_contacts. I would be lazy and just assign it to be a List of Objects, removing the id and leaving it schemaless, but the proper way to do it would be to add all the fields as defined in the outputs of Find contacts by name.

Then I would create a page variable for the query. E.g. search_query. Just text type.

After that, I would drag a (primitive, preferably) input field onto the desired page and tie the page variable search_query to its value. I would use the primitive’s onChange event with a Debounce flow function to then trigger Find contacts by name, setting the query to be search_query and connecting it to a Set page variable flow function, where I would set the results of Find contacts by name into the found_contacts page variable (via formula if necessary).

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot for your help!

Unfortunately I still can not get it to output anything. I followed your guide step-by-step, but the debugger shows no array of contacts.

Please tell me what I am doing wrong.


Sorry it took me a moment to get back to you, but upon closer inspection we actually found a bug in this Find contacts by name flow function that makes it not work currently :pensive: Unfortunately we’re unable to fix it fully at the moment, so we have to unpublish it until we can get it fixed. I’m sorry for the confusion and disappointment :disappointed:

Hi Mevi,
Thanks for getting back to me.

Well, I am actually happy with your answer. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. :rofl:

Too bad it is not working at the moment. Do you maybe have a workaround for this? Being able to search through the phone contacts seems like an important feature for most mobile apps.

Looking forward to hear from you again!

Hi! I think you could try Get all contacts and then implement the search for the name yourself. I would do this in the Set page variable flow function by using a formula as the value, and in the formula e.g. by using SELECT find the ones matching your query. I hope this helps you get forward!

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Hi Mevi, I see you guys updated the find contacts app on the 2nd of september. Is it fixed now? I still can not get it to work.

Thanks for your reply in advance.


No, as far as I know the purpose of that update was to hide the flow function which did not work :thinking: but I’ll check.

Yep, the update removed it from the set. It’s still visible for you because you have it installed, but it’ll take a longer while for it to get fixed.

Thanks! At least I know it’s not my stupidity it is not working. :slight_smile:

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