Find distinct values

My OData service returns results in the below mentioned format:

{“id”:“1”, “cat_manufacturer”: “abc”, “cat_software”: “mysoftware1”},
{“id”:“2”, “cat_manufacturer”: “efg”, “cat_software”: “mysoftware2”},
{“id”:“3”, “cat_manufacturer”: “abc”, “cat_software”: “mysoftware3”},
{“id”:“4”, “cat_manufacturer”: “efg”, “cat_software”: “mysoftware4”},
{“id”:“5”, “cat_manufacturer”: “abc”, “cat_software”: “mysoftware5”},
{“id”:“6”, “cat_manufacturer”: “xyz”, “cat_software”: “mysoftware6”},

I want to filter and find distinct “cat_manufacturer” and return them as a list of objects to be able to map them a repeated list.


{“cat_manufacturer”: “abc”},
{“cat_manufacturer”: “efg”},
{“cat_manufacturer”: “xyz”}

I would be highly grateful for any suggestions.

Thank you.

I feel like you should take a better look at the GROUP() and MAP() formulas.

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