Fingrid like map functionality

Hello everyone,

I am exploring AppGyver functionalities and even though I am pretty amazed with it, I would appreciate guidance from your side. Initially I found out about AppGyver from a youtube video AppGyver Composer Pro Overview where I saw Fingrids application for metering inspections.

The Map component with all presented features there looked amazing to me and that was the main reason I started exploring AppGyver. I suppose it’s done by the AppGyver team but is it even possible to make something similar with existing capabilities of AppGyver and if it is can you lead me in that direction.

Thank you very much in advance.

We used the MapBox plugin for that one, doing some modifications. Such would become available with third party plugin support (not available yet).

But since we’re on the topic, I’ll check if it would be a small thing to make available a version of MapBox that could be used in any app, not just Fingrid :thinking:

Mevi thank You very much for your answer. Since it is not possible, at least for now, to use MapBox as plugin making it available would be very much appreciated for many AppGyver users.
Hopefully you can make it! :slight_smile:

Mevi hello any new info about making MapBox plugin available publicly?

Nothing certain yet, but I checked and it has recently been taken into works to have it separated into another plugin, and at the same time it will be evaluated if it can be easily made publicly available as well.