Firebase Authentication - How to make a password reset flow?

I’m setting up the new Firebase authentication flows and login process works like a charm.

Now I’m just wondering how can we make the user registration and also the password reset function. Are there any flows available or should I create make data requests? Tips and guides are welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @Atakan_Tokgoz ! The plan with Firebase so far has been to enable the migration of users from AppGyver Auth, and to preserve existing features. In the previous version of AG Auth, user management took place in Composer and there were no flow functions for registration or password change – thus, those were not yet in scope for this round of Firebase implementation. They are planned to be implemented later on. :slight_smile:

Can you clarify this a bit? I was using Backendless for user registration/login and now want to remove Backendless completely. What are my options at the moment? I was planning to use Firebase and saw that AppGyver supposedly implements some flow functions to do that.

Not true @Mari ?

Hi @Pensive_Introvert! The AG Auth has been intended for hobby/proof of concept use, so that you can create and manage a small amount of users from Composer and log them in using the provided flow functions. There has not been an AppGyver provided authentication method for production use with user registration and password change flow functions, and that does not change with this initial Firebase auth implementation.

However, you can do the Firebase signup/password change as you would have before via HTTP requests. Firebase auth integration has been discussed for example in this thread.