Firebase connector and REST API alternatives

Hi guys, I made this post because I have a serious dilemma using firebase as my backend.

Im using the firebase auth and the firebase connector provided by appgyver, but I have some problems/needs with this method last mentioned method.

1st of all, I need to create my own documents ID, and as far I know, through the firebase connector I can’t customize this ID, BUT I can do this by REST API method, the sadly part is the firebase auth doesn’t give me a Refresh Token in the output :frowning: .

2nd I just found a post talking about an issue or bug where appgyver doesn’t response the Refresh Token in MOBILE but it does in WEB when you use REST API method, to make POST’s correctly, as firebase documentation request.

What would you guys recommend to do in this case?, somebody find out how to do everything through REST API or Firebase connector directly?

Please, let me know what you guys did it and if is possible what guide did you follow to make it works, I want to keep developing my little project, but this has me stopped :frowning:

Thanks in advance.


I think this thread might be helpful for you, please check it out and post questions there as there are several users who are working with a similar setup :slight_smile: Firebase Auth. How to generate idToken for other uses?

Thanks twice Mevi, for the time to reply my post and for your calendar tutorial in youtube which I follow to do my own.


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