Firebase connector - Cannot post objects or lists as documents

Hi all,

I am having trouble with posting documents which contain either an object or list.

The connector works fine for everything else but if I try to post or get a document in firestore that contains an object or list it fails to work.

I can work my data around this hiccup but it would make organising my documents significantly easier if there was a way to use objects and lists.

Thanks in advanced

What does your logic look like? Its a bit tricky to setup.

The logic is just ‘create record’ which works absolutely fine with the connector.

The problem is when I use either an Object or List, which should be posted as a MAP and Array respectively but it just fails to post.

It also cannot read data through the connector which is in Array or MAP format.

I am aware I can do this with manually building the API schema but if I can find a solution which just requires a little tweaking with the logic then that would be much easier.

To clairfy, when I try to POST either an object or list i get this error:

“ReferenceError: Buffer is not defined”

No idea what this means though…