Firebase connector Update Record: datetime updating as a string

I have a flow function set up using Firebase connector that is meant to update a datetime field of a Firestore document, replacing the previous value with the current date & time, like so:

The data variable is set so that this field is of type “date/time text (ISO 8601).”

Previously this flow function worked correctly, and the field value in Firestore would be properly updated like this:

But at some point recently (sometime between a week to a month before today), this flow function started turning the field into a string field, with the value = the text of the datetime, like this:

During this period I have made no changes to the code, nor have I published & uploaded a new build.

Would someone please be able to explain what’s going on here and how I can correctly update a Firestore datetime using the Update Record flow function or another flow function? The “datetime is not really a datetime” issue is throwing a critical error whenever anyone tries to update their user settings on the front end.


Hi @escapenewhaven, thanks so much for pointing this out, we were able to find an error that was causing datetimes to be saved as strings. We have made a fix that will come out with the next runtime release. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Thanks @Mari ! Do you have a timeline on the next runtime release and is there some workaround I could use in the meantime?

Hi @escapenewhaven, according to my latest information the fix should be deployed in a couple days’ time. I’m not 100% certain it will work differently, but a possible workaround could be to use the “HTTP request” flow function from the marketplace instead of “Update record”.

I am fascinated by the possibility to create an app to work on a phone.

I was frustrated to encounter regular issues originating from text and number variables that did not connect, however I appreciate these suggestions for correction.

Please have a look at my problem

I store data in several “related” Firebase Collections and documents

klantPersoonlijk with a number of documents and klantData also with a number of documents

in klantPersoonlijk I store the id of the corresponding klantData collection the idea is to separate personal and functional data for privacy reasons

In the input page of the klantPersoonlijk there is a button with logic that creates a new klantData document with empty strings and 0 for the numbers, next it creates a new klantPersoonlijk document with the id of klantData and information from input fields then the Logic opens a klantData page with the page parameters of both created records.

In the klantData page there are the input fields and button. The logic of the button updates the klantData record with the the input fields the Update Record is filled with Object properties binding type

Now my problem: All filled (NUMBER) fields are filled with the correct data but in STRING format

So later REDUCE_INIT calculations do not work.

Do I make a mistake or is there something else preventing this

Note, If I open the binding type as a formula and add a NUMBER(…) before all the fields it works

All the variables that changed from NUMBER to text are defined as NUMBER in the pageVars and as NU|MBER in the klantData resource

Added the NUMBER conversion seems to be a workaround