Firebase Database Help

So im really new to learning how to integrate Firebase Real Time DB using Rest API. Im having a simple problem with Updating records. Here are the configuration screens:

Here is the schema:

Here is the Update Config screen:

Here is the test im running, to update TEXT1 with the string “test”:

But this creates an {id} key with a TEXT1 subkey with the “test” string:

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

Im really stumped by this

Sorry, this fell through the cracks! Did you get it to work?

It seems that you are not passing an URL placeholder type parameter with key id, so the {id} part in your URL doesn’t get evaluated to anything.

If I understand how the API works, the payload you send to /{id}/json ends up under that key – so if you wanted to store data under the TEXT1 key, you would PUT to /TEST1/json. Not super familiar with the Firebase database APIs so could be wrong.

Thanks but ive since moved on to using airtable