Firebase database implementation

First of all, this is my first time creating an app of any kind. I have never made a webpage or something similair.

I am trying to build an app where users can create a “Profile page” where they can share some information about themself. I have set up a firebase database

In which I want to connect each user UID (supplied by firebase upon signup) to different variables, such as name, information and so on.

The problem I am having now is that the JSON sent by Appgyver does not contain the correct format and I dont know how to fix this.

I have set up the API to point to the correct register, (I think), Using inspect in the browser when sending a test command in Appgyver showes that the address is correct but the JSON request looks like this


When it should like more like

  "name": string,
  "fields": {
  "createTime": string,
  "updateTime": string

Or something similair.

Below you can see the base and POST, SCHEMA of my DATA API

Realized the SCHEMA was not uploaded correctly, here it is.

I might also should add that I am using a “Create Record” Flowfunction to send the Data.
If I missed some other information, just write and I’ll share it.

Thank you

Sorry but i cant understand exactly what the problem is, But i think that your problem i more basic, which means that i think you dont follow a logical order. the ‘correct’ order, is to first sign up the user, then (this is the way i do it, there are others too) i get the uid from the response body and then create a user data record where the document id is the uid (from sign up)

So when the user signs up i call the document with the correct uid
Also this doesnt mean that you need to do it in different pages, for example my sign up page looks like this, First i check that all the info are in specs, then in the red cyrcle,i sign up the user, then with the uid i create a record and then i update the record with the information.

There is also a way to store the users info directly which i dont use but you can find out more here

Also if i understand something wrong here let me know
i hope it helps you

Can you elaborate little more details.

In green mark: You created a record on resource “userProf” but you updated the record on resource “userInfo”. Why do you updated the record on a different data resource?

You have to update the same resource collection with document ID as UID, right? If I am correct. I want to make the document ID as same as user UID like this bellow



Can you please help me on this!!

Look, this practice is not necessary, what im doing there, is that i have two data resources created, the one is using the firestore integration (where i use the update) and the other is a rest api, this is used, in order to create the document with your custom id. Of course, when you create the document, you can add the data in json format, but im just using the update function to make it easier.