Firebase Functions issue , invalid device token on IOS

Hello guys ,
Looks like there’s something strange here,
I am trying to use the device token to send push notification to the app users on IOS,
But when i use the " Get device token " , it generate token with different format (You can check the screenshot ) , and this token is not accepted by Firebase and it return me error.
But by trying the “Get firebase device token” it generated me a token with the normal format.
But the problem now when i build my app using the function , the app crash on opening ,
I tried to follow the solution appgyver provided by updating all functions and adding The " Initialize Firebase" to the Global Canvas , but it doesn’t solved the problem and it still crash

so as a conclusion , On IOS ,

  • The token generated by " Get device token " is not valid to subscribe a topic for push notification
  • The firebase functions are causing app crash on opening even with updating them and adding the " Initialize Firebase" to the Global Canvas

Hope the team will find us a fast solution and fix to this error.

(Note this screenshot is from the preview app)

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Hi @Ali_Abdelkader , we’re aware of the Firebase crash issue and currently working on solving it.

Did you fix the problem? What token are you using?
For anyone who finds this, it was “Get firebase device token”