FIREBASE how to use notification recieved and go to a page

HELP needed.

All i want is to land on a certain page when a notification is recieved, if you have the information on how to do it please contact or send me a reply. I am using firebase and notifications are working wonderful, would like to know how to use the url schemer or to open a page when a particualar notifcation is recieved.

Hi! You can check my advice here. I haven’t tried this myself, but it seems plausible that it would work.

Isn’t that something that is of importance to try it out ?
We can use my app for testing since I have the notifications setup in firebase already.
I also have postman setup for testing environment.

The issue at hand is not about knowing what to do but knowing how to do it.
How do you ask appgyver to check out the data field in a notification.
What line or formula and logic is required.

Do you get the notification received event to fire? What fields do you get in the event or eventValue or other fields of the received event? (these should be in the outputs of the event). You can try just toast/alert/log this information to start with and know what there is. When you know what information you get and in which format, you can construct the logic to react to it. If you get a screenshot of the alert/toast/log of the whole output of the event (you can use ENCODE_JSON for this), I can also help you with ideas how to get forward.

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okay great, my ID is 272493, I am very thankful and appreciate your time very much. I tested the notification received event myself and nothing showed up, maybe i’m doing something wrong.

i use this format in firebase:

“to”: “”,
“notification”: {
“sound”: “default”,
“body”: “test message”,
“content_available”: true,
“title”: “BÄTÄNG”
“data”: {
“sound”: “default”,
“body”: “test message”,
“content_available”: true,
“title”: “BÄTÄNG”

I placed notification recieved in global canvas and connected it to an alert box. Nothing happens when App is opened up. tried adding the eventValue to be displayed on a alert box using a button and it returns the value “{}”.

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You should be aware that Notifications dont work from the test environment - they are only sent to the installed app build on your device. So if youre looking for the Receive Notification Event to fire from the Preview App you wont get it.

I’m currently using the android standalone build for testing and build a new app for each test. Is there anyone with an answer to this or is there another route other than firebase that works?

Hmm. We will be looking into no information coming through the push notification event, thanks for reporting!

Hi, have you figure out how to check out the data field in a notification yet? I connected the “notification received event” to an alert box. Nth happens as well. Alert box doesn’t pop up :confounded: