Firebase Invalid argument error

Hey there, I was wondering if someone else experienced or does have any experience with the following error. It’s happening only on some devices and not on mine, hence I cannot reproduce the error and it’s really hard to debug this as there’s no info on this forum, nor Google. It happens at creating a record to the Firebase.

Hi, I’ve encountered this response when the value of a field sent to Firebase is undefined → Firebase cannot resolve the type of the field. Could that be the case here? How is the “Create record” node that creates the request configured?

You need to check every variable you want to record to ensure the are defined. At least one is not in your case, that¿s why you have got this error.

@Mari @Serge_Angeloz you are both right, thank you. The error message could be a bit more self-explanatory :smiley: I can see now what is causing the error. When a new user registers there’s an HTTP request that should create a document with his ID which is needed for the step I have explained above. However, that document is not created. Seems like 403 is a response code, which means Unauthorized. Problem is, that I get 200 while testing in DATA test in Composer. While I test the very same endpoint in the Postman I am also getting 403. There are no security rules for purposes of testing and there should be no need to authorize creating documents. Weird, I really do not understand this issue.