Firebase read write rules

Hi everyone, do you know how to make the firebase read write rules so that in some collections you can have access only with authentication and email verification and in some other collection the access for read only is for everyone?

I need this because i made an app containing products and profiles where you need the verification but i also want to make a website only for the products (using the same apis) where data read is accessed by everyone.

If you’ve done anything similar please give me some help
thank you in advance

Yes, it is definitely possible to set different rules to various pathes. Did you check out the firebase docs already? Get started with Cloud Firestore Security Rules

hey thanks for reaching out
indeed i have checked firebase docs but because i have no idea of programming i havent understood much. my main problem is how to differentiate which collection gets what rules.

Hi Dimos,
I understand what you want to do. Giving seperate rules to different collections is a core feature of the firebase security rules. Even if you are new to coding: it is worth learning and digging into the security rules. It will guard you from a lot of dangers and let you sleep well while you app is running.
There are plenty of guidelines and examples out there; here is one nice example on youtube (you can skip the parts about code that do not belong to firebase directly).

ohh thank you very much it was very helpful and i wil try to implement them.
again thanks for your help