Firebase Security Rules

I´m trying to secure my Firestore dBase and can´t use the per user authentication process as I need to create the users via Zapier, and while it can create documents it can´t create users.

I´ve seen the following mentioned;
Authenticate with your 3rd party, call your custom end point to retrieve your firebase auth token, then call your sdk’s “sign in with custom token” function. You’ll now be signed into both systems.

Would anyone be able to explain the steps to achieve this within Appgyver?

Or is there a way I could add a key into my app or data to control access?


About Zapier and 3rd party integration I don’t know, but maybe this guideline for connecting appgyver with firebase is something you build on?

Thanks for the input. I have followed this guide and a couple of others and have Appgyver working well with Firebase. My issue is that I can´t user Firebase Auth as there´s no automated way for me to create a user in Firebase via Zapier.

I have locked down access to my database so only a couple of table have write access, but I´d like to eliminate the weakness I have if its possible.

I´m guessing the essence would be some authentication key passing between the App to Firebase which then secures future transactions. BUt I don´t know if this is possible or where to start even if it is possible.

Cheers, Phil

I solved this by simply using an incoming email to trigger my zapier flows.

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