Firebase Storage get download URL not handling a 404 error properly (kills the app)

I am using the “File Storage get download URL” flow to retrieve the downloadUrl of an image in my firestore database if it exists. However sometimes the image doesn’t exist and I need to run another function flow.

But it seems when there’s a 404 error returned from the API call - that it completely kills my app flow - and it doesn’t seem to progress any further.

Wondering if anyone else has seen this or if there’s a work-around? Is there another method to check if a file exists?

Btw - if anyone finds this - it’s a bug.

The ‘file storage get download url’ should have a third output port.
“successful connection but not a completely successful action”

So the module wasn’t going down the success path and wasn’t going down the error path.

In the end - I used a separate GetRecord to hackily check whether an item returns a 404

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