Firebase storage upload files issues

Hi everyone I created an image save stream using “pick Image from Library” and “Firebase storage upload”.
The flow works correctly if I simulate the app from the web but if I try to do it from the phone, I get this error: “error was thrown because all of the file uploads failed”. Have any of you been there before and can you help me? Thank you so much!
I am attaching my workflow (screenshot)

has it happened to anyone?

yep, this happened to me. I created a test app few months ago on Android and it worked fine. For some reason it is not working now. Whereas when I tested with the web app it is working fine.
@Mihaly_Toth is this something you can help with or investigate? Is this a bug or has something in Android changed that needs additional flow?. Attached below are screenshots of my flow functions. I have used these before and it worked fine.

Thanks for pinging me, I’ll try to get back to this topic and the forums in the beginning of the next week.

But as a quick thought.
@Claudio_Mazzarago Could you please check your Firebase rules setup and maybe share them here so we’ll check those.

Or the other thing is what usually causes issue is the “mime type” property.

How do you set that? The upload would fail if the property is null or undefined.

As a solution for that I usually bind it to a formula:


Replace the with your respective variable or output…

Let me know if there are further issues.

Hey, I have solved this. I found the solution on another thread.

@Mihaly_Toth thanks for the quick response.
@Claudio_Mazzarago hopefully this solves it for you as well.

just to let you know, i don’t even bother with the “createdAt and modifiedAt” fields. I always thought the name, path, size and mimeType were mandatory for file uploads. Looks like we only need the first three. @Mihaly_Toth please let us know if you think this solution will result in problems elsewhere.


Hi, deleting the MIME parameter worked for me too. Now I can also upload images from mobile. Great!
thanks @Mihaly_Toth and thanks @Vikram_Moorthy !