Firebase Storage upload files setup

Congratulations for the new Firebase connector! the authentication system works quite well.
I think it is an absolute improvement.

Houston, we have a problem:

"Firebase Storage upload files" does not work, everything is ok in the firebase setup but maybe I don’t know how to pass the correct value of the file.
Please can you put here an example of how “FILES TO UPLOAD” value should be set.

In my case I have put (i’m replace my own storage by an example text):
“[SET_KEY (appVars.profile_image,” uploadUrl “,”"+ appVars.filename)] "



Você já conseguiu utilizar o Firebase storage upload files? Só consigo fazer upload se for web, qdo tento pelo celular, só obtenho erro.

Hi there, Sergio,

Firebase Storage upload files works, however, not as described. I have debugged it via alerts. Firebase Storage upload files node is fine with just 4 params passed into it in order to upload an image, instead of 8 values that are returned by previous flow (depends on your current set up)

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Is there a way to add a Authorization header to the Firebase upload request? My upload fails if rules are set to allow only signedin users to upload.

You can use HTTP request node where you can specify a header. :slight_smile:

Ahh — the same mess as in AUthentication - wish I knew this before :smile: . Thanks. Can you share the endpoint to be used to replace Appgyver’s Firebase Upload flow function?

The endpoint should be like this:

Thanks. i would try.

Is there a way to add multiple files with this endpoint?

Is the HTTP request node is supposed to replace the Firebase Upload flow component? Or they work in tandem. I already have a working solution with Firebase upload - just need to add the auth headers somehow to work with security rules.

No the HTTP Request node is an older legacy node for doing raw HTTP requests. Ive just always preferred it to using the built in Data configurator/functions esp. for Firebase, but that’s just my preference.


Hmm, I guess you can use either. Your preference should depend on your security rules as HTTP request should be more customizable. :slight_smile:

HTTP Request is more flexible and customizable, and I can handle the data returned any way I want. Instead of using Data Variables I’ll just create App or Page variables with whatever schema, but it doesnt even restrict you to set schemas if you dont want to or just lazy, you can capture the data output from an HTTP Request in any regular Object variable just fine.

Yes you can add as many files as you want.

Default upload function seems to fail in my case too. I will give it a try with the HTTP request… Any change you have more details how you set up the request?

You can look at what I did here:

Someone has a CLEAR SAMPLE how to use “Firebase Storage upload files” flow function (NOT upload files but the Storage Version" with the properties to set???