(Firebase Storage upload files) VS (Upload files)

Hi i read this post

and i started wondering if there is a free way of uploading staff (to amazon cloud) and save them, why using Firebase storage (which you could pay for)

More specifically, im looking to learn some advantages and disadvantages for each

Hi @Dimos_Vamvourellis, the support for the AppGyver managed file uploads was discontinued recently, check out this post:

Ohh now i see i had read about it but hadnt understood that it was the same thing.

so upload files doesnt work , also (Delete file/directory)
but also download files doesnt work or the download files function is there for downloading anything from a url?

Im asking, because i currently hane this problem

and i dont know how to set some images into frb storage, the images come from instagram in url
and i want to store them to storage, because the url doesnt work in web app only in the smartphone previewer
Thanks @Mari

@Dimos_Vamvourellis were you able to figure this out? I have a similar question concerning using an audio file. I have tried many things but haven’t found a solution yet.

Hi unfortunately, this is the reason i have made my project wait. My research results, is that to store an image only by url, you can do it with a kind of script plugin, which means you will have to wait in order for the plugins to be available and then you need to find someone who knows how to write this code in order to execute the save to firebase storage. The second way which is the best in my opinion, it using firebase functions, but i havent found anyone who can make me the function, i have looked in fiver but no progress.

of course i dont know if this is even required for your problem so if you want you can explain your problem.
I hope i helped

Hi @bstine @Dimos_Vamvourellis, the “Firebase storage upload files” flow should work with a local file path. What kind of error are you getting from Firebase when using the flow?

Hi @Mari thanks for reaching out, my problem, is that the images are not stored locally, i only have a url.
So knowing that “Firebase storage upload files” flow should work with a local file path i had two options,
storing the image automatically locally for a small period of time, which from what ive learned is not possible with web apps in appgyver,
Or making some kind of script or firebase function that given the image url, it automatically stores it in firebase storage.
Unfortunately as of now i haven’t managed neither and my app is in standstill,
If you have any other idea on how to make this work, please let me know.

Hmm, true. Goes a bit beyond my knowledge as well, assuming you probably don’t want the file to be saved on the user’s local disk in the middle. Is there a reason why you can’t use the original url?

Ohh i see, actually i dont care to save the image locally, just to be able to upload it in firebase and then delete it (something like cashing but in web app this is not possible).
As for the problem with the original url, is that the url is from instagram and from what i have understood, they are blocked from showing in my app, even though if i search them on google they work fine. Thats why i thought o saving the images in firebase storage.
heres a url example

even in here it doesnt show the image

In google

in the editor

in the preview

Right, Instagram has restrictions for using its images on the web on non-whitelisted sites, so you would have to find a way to go around their CORS policy to get the images to display.

Exactly, thats what i thought. If you have any ideas, or you know anyone from the team that knows how to make it work, any help is appreciated.