Firebase Storage - Variable list of objects does not upload

Hello together,

I’ve been working on a little test project to get the hang of Appgyver and start to develop my own apps. I want to upload some images to Firebase storage but the user should be able to see a preview before the upload. I’ve successfully followed this tutorial by @Mevi and is works so far. I just don’t get the hang of uploading it all together to Firebase. Most of the time the Variables (List of objects) are not compatible but even if they are it does not work.

I use this page variable to temporarily store the picked images.

And this is the logic of the upload button.

Furthermore I was wondering what the best way of organizing the uploads of a user is and if there is a tutorial online to follow.

I’d be very grateful for any help,
Cheers Yannik

Not sure this is possible. The image might be accessible only after the Firebase Storage upload files flow function is fired.

But you could try to insert your pageVar and a “pause” function (delay or alert or confirm logic) -instead of my show spinner- between the pick files function and the firebase upload file one. Have an image bound to that pageVar and see if it can display the pic before the upload?