Firestore Connector to Update Records


I´m using the Firestore connector in several places in my App and it was working fine until today. Today I seem to be getting quite intermittent results, and a number of field updates are failing. These are areas of my App that I haven´t updated for over a week and were working fine when last tested. A new part worked for about 20 minutes then stopped working, with no code changes.

So a couple of questions,

When I publish my app, does the code produced still reference anything on Appgyver, making it possible I can get intermitent issues?

Is anyone else seeing any odd issues today?


I´m still seeing this error. Update Data record when the data is held in Firestore has stopped working for me.

Error: Request failed with status code 404.

Checking this using the debugger I can see that the correct data record is open.

Any suggestions anyone?