Firestore DB Query using CREATE RECORD (POST)

This article (Google Firestore REST API integration - Composer) explains all you need to do query your Firestore DB using CREATE RECORD (POST). I have done the exact steps and am getting the correct JSON response.
But I am unable to read the response. Neither through outputs[“Create Record”] or through any other such output parameter.

It seems that one just cant read the response of CREATE RECORD (POST)

Please check the attached image to see that POST query is successful and response is also available but datos (name used in above article and the same name that I used) as well as is still empty

Please help !!

So i dont know exactly what is going on but there are to things i can think of that you can check,
first try maybe showing the output value in a toast like bellow,

If this doesnt work, maybe you have disabled the response in your data configurator,

I hope it helps

Thank You @Dimos_Vamvourellis
2nd is not the case as I have a custom schema.
For your 1st suggestion, I tried 2 Toast. One with “outputs[“GetUserRecord”].response.document.fields.Name.stringValue” and second with as the screenshot mentioned by you ie output value of Create Record/Response

See attached image. Both the toast were empty. Whereas the response is available as you can see in the screenshot.

Is [] output of the response is the culprit? Generally the response starts and ends with {}

Here is the story so far…

  1. I have a data connection named PostQuery which has CREATE RECORD call. I have setup custom schema as shown below

  2. Then I have Page variable (named Datos) to read the response. This is same as response schmea from PostQuery data configurator

  3. Create Record call (names as GetUserRecord) from PostQuery with StructuredQuery as request. The StructuredQuery is setup using a formula

  4. Getting response for my request but cant read the response at all

@Eduardo_Jaramillo Please help

@Eduardo_Jaramillo Please help!

@Akseli_Virtanen Please help

@Harri_Sarsa Please help!